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Writer's Block: She's a brainiac on the floor
Would you rather be super-rich or super-smart if you would only be average in the other category?

As shallow as it is, I would choose super rich over super smart.  With that, I really wouldn't have many problems.  Bills would be paid, I would have all the things I wanted, I could dedicate all my time to writing (sense I wouldn't need to work), and I could travel, which I have always wanted to do.  I would also be able to easily help my friends and family with their struggles, or even just buy them nice things, just for the hell of it.  I could travel with them, and PAY for them, and not have to worry about the expenses. 
I would even be able to donate money, which I would absolutely do, top priority. 
Animal shelters
Cancer research
World hunger,
among others.


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